That Gum Tree

Dedicated to tree-climbers of all ages

Eucalyptus ViminalisThe tree near the front gate grew as I did

Slowly, steadily, relentlessly up

Until the day it stood taller than I could

And threw out the challenge to all in its strength


I loved the scent of its peeling bark

Those long and crackling strips of skin

That left the naked white trunk stark

And soft in its soothing, smooth embrace


The smell of eucalypt from the leaves

Lingered pungently on my hands

As I checked the strength of the lolling limbs

Hanging encouragingly within my reach


So at last I climbed it just to see

If the challenge could be met by such as me –

The tree welcomed me as though to say

It was waiting for the chance to let me stay


I sat enfolded in its arms of wood

And dreamed of the possible in a world of good

The wind in the leaves whispered the truth

That the possible is only what we have today



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